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Lambs! The cutest part of Spring!

19 May

Lambs hanging out in the grass


Faith and her chicks

Feeding the bottle baby!

Do you have some eats?


Weekend at the Farm

18 May

Little guy looking very much like a Charolais

Fluffy foot looking regal - Dark Brahman Cockerel

Fluffy-Foot and his ladies

Baby Robins!

Pigs! Not so little but not nearly as big as they will be...

 Snacking on their favorite thing – dandelions!


25 Apr

Red Robin

In the court yard at the Freer Gallery

Mia the kitten log.

24 Apr

This cat has been figuring out ways to sit on my lap in office chairs since I adopted her in college. She was tiny then and sharing lap space wasn’t too big a deal. Mia is a little heavier now and occasionally makes my legs cramp. So when she no longer cares for me squirming around she either finds another chair or does something like this:


Even after I had gotten up.

More snuggles?

This look could as be interpreted as ‘You better not be making fun of me!’

Of course not Mia… I wouldn’t dream of it!

Bright Red

3 Mar

I was nearly late for work on Friday. Not because of the crazy barely plowed streets (thank you car for making it through that crazy drift!).  But because I glanced out the window and saw this little jem.


Yes I know I am pretty.


Just hanging outside my window like he owns the place. But this was a real treat because I rarely see anything but House Sparrows and the occasional Chickadee. Poor camera though, having to photograph through my dirty upstairs window!

Mr. Cardinal

Mini-break at Kinderhook

26 Feb

Just as the spring like weather had teased us with ideas of green grass and short sleeves, cold and bitter winds hustled in to remind us what February was all about. Obviously it was a perfect time to go visit the farm and romp around outside!  Admittedly, we wussed out as nothing we packed was enough to withstand the biting wind.  Not my best showing, but we hung out long enough to say Hi! the to the animals, and (human) friends!


A. among the chicks

Keeping an eye on things


Red headed ladies


The Silver Spangled Rooster showing off his fabulous comb & wattle


27 Sep

Hi. What are you doing?