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Lambs! The cutest part of Spring!

19 May

Lambs hanging out in the grass


Faith and her chicks

Feeding the bottle baby!

Do you have some eats?


Weekend at the Farm

18 May

Little guy looking very much like a Charolais

Fluffy foot looking regal - Dark Brahman Cockerel

Fluffy-Foot and his ladies

Baby Robins!

Pigs! Not so little but not nearly as big as they will be...

 Snacking on their favorite thing – dandelions!

A smattering of photos from our house hunting trip!

5 May

At the Arboretum

 Just one of beautiful days in Madison, WI…

Boyfriend poking the cork tree 😛

A Spring Woodland Flower

Little Yellow guy.

Sandhill Crane's at the Arboretum

Feasting on what ever they were finding in the marshes

A this point I started it wonder if they were posing for me!


25 Apr

Red Robin

In the court yard at the Freer Gallery

Madison is for mustard lovers?

23 Apr

Wall of Mustard at the Mustard Museum

Mustard Jars

Then finally a look inside the capitol building for some pretty architecture. We also got to see the beginning of the Union/Budget protests!

Inside the Capitol Building

Lalalovely Wisconsin

22 Apr

No coats! In training for WI winters...

More from the grounds around the Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Pretty Awesome.

The Capitol at Night


21 Apr

Pictures from our Madison visit in February – no idea why they didn’t get posted earlier! I figure that since we’re heading out there soon, no time like the present to share them.

Vineyard caves at Wollersheim

Orchids at the Botanical Gardens