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Lambs! The cutest part of Spring!

19 May

Lambs hanging out in the grass


Faith and her chicks

Feeding the bottle baby!

Do you have some eats?


Mini-break at Kinderhook

26 Feb

Just as the spring like weather had teased us with ideas of green grass and short sleeves, cold and bitter winds hustled in to remind us what February was all about. Obviously it was a perfect time to go visit the farm and romp around outside!  Admittedly, we wussed out as nothing we packed was enough to withstand the biting wind.  Not my best showing, but we hung out long enough to say Hi! the to the animals, and (human) friends!


A. among the chicks

Keeping an eye on things


Red headed ladies


The Silver Spangled Rooster showing off his fabulous comb & wattle

In their element

25 Sep

snacking on pasture

New Laying Hens & Mobile Coop

28 Jul



The men folk supervising…

Photos credit Mimi Beavens via iphone since I missed the big arrival


The new ladies lay enormous brown eggs


More pictures of the hens, Red Stars, to come they are the sweetest little ladies and prolific layers!

Chicken Tractor

5 Jul


Chicken in the bucket

2 Jul

IMG_7159Exploring the little cupboard where her food is kept…. 

IMG_7160I swear I didn’t put her in there, but she got in the hay bucket so quickly I couldn’t capture it with my camera!



I eventually had to encourage her out so I could close the doors!

The runt of the flock

22 Jun


For what ever reason in the second group of what is currently the “juveniles” there are two chickens that are just so little compared to the rest. Developmentally they have feathered out similarly and run around eating just like their buddies. They are starting to stand out quite a bit from the rest of the group, hopefully the pictures does the size difference justice.