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25 Apr

Red Robin

In the court yard at the Freer Gallery


DC Part Three.

20 Apr

By the last day in DC I was so sore from hiking around the Mall I nearly considered just sleeping in and calling it good!  But I dragged my butt up and made it out for some sunshine and to get Boyfriend a dose of the monuments.

Natural History Museum

Sandstone "sculpture"

Hope Diamond

            Currently in it’s fancy new setting.

Spring Display

Capitol in Spring Colors

More D.C.

15 Apr

The Security was annoyed with my photographer when he asked them to move...fancy that!

WW2 Memorial

Mr. President

Something very intense about the Korean Memorial

Korean Memorial

Sculpture Garden (Smithsonian)

The Peakcock Room, Freer Gallery

This was such a beautiful room… check it out!

Iwo Jima

Visiting D.C.

13 Apr

In D.C. over the weekend just in time for the Cherry Blossom Parade and very spring like weather. Some of the highlights (part 1) :


Reds and Purples




The Big House


Up close!


White House Garden