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Mini-break at Kinderhook

26 Feb

Just as the spring like weather had teased us with ideas of green grass and short sleeves, cold and bitter winds hustled in to remind us what February was all about. Obviously it was a perfect time to go visit the farm and romp around outside!  Admittedly, we wussed out as nothing we packed was enough to withstand the biting wind.  Not my best showing, but we hung out long enough to say Hi! the to the animals, and (human) friends!


A. among the chicks

Keeping an eye on things


Red headed ladies


The Silver Spangled Rooster showing off his fabulous comb & wattle


dappled light

14 Jul



6 Jul


Click on the image to see the whole view of the farm from the farm house porch….

Wire in the tree

26 Jun


A funky tree that is deformed from what used to be an old wire fence.


21 Jun


the Nissan

20 Jun


One of the farm trucks! This truck and I have a love hate relationship. mainly I don’t like driving on public roads with her, or over 30mph. Otherwise she does a great job of hauling us and our fencing gear around!

View from the one of the pastures

17 Jun