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Timmy the bottle baby

13 Jun

IMG_6812 aka poopy butt



he’s being weaned from the bottle so he’s a little needy right now


wild lamb

13 Jun


I’ve been stalking this little guy, he lost his tag at some point. And lambs are identified by via their mothers number, for record keeping and general keeping tabs on the flock. This current pasture has a great deal of shrub area that they hang out it. Especially in the middle of the day when the heat is greatest. I’ve found that sheep when they are just chilling out in the shade and feel safe will wander away from their lamb or ewe and later on momma and lamb with reconnect. But if you show up and little tag less lamb is hanging out with his buddies away from his mom there is no way of knowing who he is attached to! So on the second day of observing the flock and the little guy I found him nursing on presumably his momma! success!