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In their element

25 Sep

snacking on pasture


New Laying Hens & Mobile Coop

28 Jul



The men folk supervising…

Photos credit Mimi Beavens via iphone since I missed the big arrival


The new ladies lay enormous brown eggs


More pictures of the hens, Red Stars, to come they are the sweetest little ladies and prolific layers!

Chicken Tractor

5 Jul


Chicken in the bucket

2 Jul

IMG_7159Exploring the little cupboard where her food is kept…. 

IMG_7160I swear I didn’t put her in there, but she got in the hay bucket so quickly I couldn’t capture it with my camera!



I eventually had to encourage her out so I could close the doors!

free ranging pretty birds

12 Jun

IMG_6788 IMG_6786


10 Jun

My main project has been taking care of the chickens on the farm. The chickens are more fun than I thought they would be. Pretty creatures with simple needs and amusing mannerisms. (yes I anthropomorphize them a tad!)

I may not be able to eat grocery store eggs ever again! The eggs from the laying chickens are just wonderful… the shells are a variety of colors and the yolks are bright bright orange.

So aside from the adorable laying chickens we are also raising chickens for meat. The Label Rouge Freedom Rangers (French breed), who are a heritage breed that was originally raised for pastured meat.  Very pretty golden brown and black birds, I need a couple more photos of them, and maybe a video to share of the hilarious way they run.


IMG_6736   one of the layer hens giving me a look!


the month old freedom rangers